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Rage Against The X Factor


You all know about this. I’ll keep it brief.

There’s a campaign (hereafter called #RATM4XMAS) to get Rage Against The Machine‘s 1992 track “Killing In The Name” to Christmas number one.

It’s not a direct attack on Simon Cowell or the X Factor or little Joe McElderry; it’s an attack on the lack of choice and the lack of representation for fans of real music.

Normally what happens is that everyone buys the music they like, and that includes people who like and buy X Factor music. But many more people don’t like the X Factor and believe that it is unoriginal, lowest common denominator humiliationtainment.

How can people who feel that way make an impact and get their voices heard? By grouping together and choosing a song that says “Anything but X Factor”. Otherwise, they would buy anything but X Factor and therefore X Factor would be the number one. Divide and conquer, if you will.

What the #RATM4XMAS campaign achieves is the opposite. People get together and challenge the smug notion that winning X Factor automatically leads to Christmas number one. Unite and fight.

Some people are asking why did they choose this song? I would ask why not. It is a great rebel rock song. And at the moment, this song is “Anything but X Factor”.

Some people are saying that it’s a shame for poor Joe McElderry to deny him of his Christmas number one. Surely, that’s the point. Number one does not belong to him or Simon Cowell or anyone. It belongs to the people. Hey, buy whoever’s record you want. It’s a free country. For now.

Some are saying that the X Factor song raises money for charity. Well, so does the Rage Against The Machine song. The organisers have raised nearly £50k for Shelter so far. Also, CompareDownload are donating their affiliate link money to Shelter. And Tom Morello says that the band are honoured that their song was chosen, not because they want the money, in fact they are giving all their profits from this to UK charity Youth Music.

Lastly, some point to the fact that because Rage Against The Machine are signed to Epic, which is part of Sony Music, as is Syco, Simon Cowell’s company, that somehow Simon Cowell will benefit from people buying Rage Against The Machine. He won’t. He is not happy at all. He wants his Christmas number one and he believes that it is his right. How wrong he is.

Here are the band themselves, (who didn’t organise this themselves in a vain attempt to get rich, and let’s face it they won’t get rich on this, when Amazon are selling it for 29p), performing the song live on Radio 5Live on 17th December 2009:

You can have a look at the #RATM4XMAS Facebook page here: or if this is down, which it seems to be on a regular basis, because Facebook can’t cope (no conspiracy theories here) then go here:

You can check who will be number one as things stand here:

You can donate to the #RATM4XMAS Shelter campaign here:

If you want to buy the Rage Against The Machine song, go ahead. It’s a free country. For now.



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The Church Is On Fire

Exhibit A

Harry Hill’s TV Burp this Saturday featured the shock Emmerdale storyline about the church being on fire, causing many people in the village to exclaim “THE CHURCH IS ON FIRE!”:


Exhibit B

And on this weekend’s X Factor we said “ciao” (as in bye bye) to Jamie Archer, the one who did “Sex On Fire” by Kings of Leon for his audition:



Presumably that leaves young Jamie free next weekend to appear on TV Burp singing a special rendition of the song, cleverly changing the lyrics to “Oooh, the church is on fire”.

Positive reactions, etc?


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FollowFriday Videos

There have been some great #followfriday videos recently (not including mine, which are derivative and pointless, obviously), notably from @diaryofaledger and @tylermassey (as ever!), so I thought I would collect a few here. As well as having the coolest people on Twitter in them, they are pretty sweet. Feel free to add links to other #followfriday videos or suggest other such videos. Enjoy!

#followfriday by @diaryofaledger

@_3_’s 2nd #followfriday – “Once More With Intensity”

@tylermassey’s #followfriday 06/11

@_3_’s 1st #followfriday – ” ガ ッ ツ だ ぜ “

@tylermassey’s #followfriday “Beatle Edition”

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The Golden Age of Video by Ricardo Autobahn

This video is made of win. Full lyrics and sources below…


Lyrics (Script?)

We accept her, one of us, we accept her, one of us!
Gooble gobble gooble gobble!
We accept her, we accept her!
We accept her, one of us, we accept her, one of us!
Gooble gobble gooble gobble!
We accept her, we accept her! (Freaks)

(We-we) we came, we saw, we kicked its ass, (Ghostbusters)
I was testing you – and you passed, (School of Rock)
Dental plan! Lisa needs braces, (The Simpsons)
Be required to fart on a regular basis, (South Park)
I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse, (The Godfather)
Channel 13 – Eyewitness news!
Robocop, who is he?
Dead or alive you’re coming with me. (Robocop)

In a hurry to be fed, beady eyes and big blue head. (Sesame Street) <– vid clip 😀

I’m telling the truth Doc, you gotta believe me, (Back to the Future)
Why does everything I whip leave me? (The Simpsons Movie)
My beautiful chocolate! Candy is dandy, (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
Fava beans and a nice Chianti, (Silence of the Lambs)
You can count on Slippery Pete, (Seinfeld)
Suicide will be nice and neat! (Back to the Future)
I didn’t build the Panama canal, (Night at the Museum)
Open the pod bay doors please, HAL, (2001: A Space Odyssey)

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,
These aren’t the droids we’re looking for, (Star Wars)
I am not a number I am a free man! (The Prisoner)
Rosebud. (Citizen Kane)
To The Idiotmobile! (Seinfeld)
Right away Michael, (Knight Rider)
I-I-I-I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. (The Prisoner)

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass, (Ghostbusters)
You don’t understand I coulda had class, (On the Waterfront)
Round and tasty on a bun, (Sesame Street)
Ooh Zippy look what you’ve done! (Rainbow)
Finally! Cast off those lines! (Pirates of the Caribbean)
No, I’ve been nervous lots of times, (Airplane)
Red Rum! What’s the matter honey? (The Shining)
Just robbed Boss Hogg all of his money! (The Dukes of Hazzard)

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass, (Ghostbusters)
Writing checks your body can’t cash, (Top Gun)
I was elected to lead, not read, (The Simpsons Movie)
I feel the need – the need for speed, (Top Gun)
Watch out for snakes, (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
a good man’s loafer, (The Man Who Knew Too Little)

HQ – my hat looks like a muffin – over, (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
My god it’s full of stars, (2001: A Space Odyssey)
There was no driver in the car.. (The Car)

In the car (repeat)

Well you see I’m in hot pursuit! (The Dukes of Hazzard)

There are only two things I love in this world – everybody and television! (30 Rock)
♫ The Simpsons ♫ (The Simpsons)
Ugh – you must be shrooming, (Family Guy)
Wait for me Moomin! (The Moomins)
Cross live to meet the host of that show, Meat Boy, (The Micallef Program)
I want to go to there. (30 Rock)

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass, (Ghostbusters)
An oil tycoon – like a.. moustache, (Starsky & Hutch)
Nice beaver! I just had it stuffed, (The Naked Gun)
I don’t give a shit, close enough, (Blow)
Where’s me washboard? I’ll get me coat, (The Fast Show)
Y-y-y-you’re gonna need a bigger boat, (Jaws)
What’d she say? I think she bought it, (Anchorman)
Suck it monkeys! I’m goin’ corporate! (30 Rock)
C’mon let’s take a drive! A drive? (Cars)
Number 5 is alive! (Short Circuit)
It’s only a laugh, no harm done, (It Couldn’t Happen Here)
Pickles, french fries, yum yum yum, (Sesame Street)
Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
It’s 2 degrees cooler, (Good Morning, Vietnam)
The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, (Blade Runner)
Six words in the whole song. (This is Spinal Tap)

We-we-we accept her, one of us, we accept her, one of us!
Gooble gobble gooble gobble!
We accept her, we accept her! (Freaks)
You are number 6 (The Prisoner) 5 (Short Circuit) 4 3 2 (sources needed)
I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass, (Ghostbusters)
Give me my 20,000 in cash, (The Big Lebowski)
We came, we saw, we kicked its ass, (Ghostbusters)
I think you woke up the dead with that blast (Back to the Future)
We came, we saw, we kicked its ass, (Ghostbusters)
I think fast, I talk fast, (Pulp Fiction)
We came, we saw, we kicked its ass, (Ghostbusters)
Lois, this is not my Batman glass. (Family Guy)


The Golden Age Of Video is a promotional device for the forthcoming untitled Ricardo Autobahn album. Video directed, produced and edited by Rev. Diva Schematic. Download mp3 of the song.

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Early morning sun glistening on the river

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Swan family swimming through a river covered in green stuff

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Videos from a pub crawl with John and Michael

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